Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A modern example of an evolutionary hoax

>>>Caution, video content is not for the faint hearted!

Watch the video and it may seem very convincing, but is there a real case for what they are saying, or is this just another example of forcing a worldview into the world around us?

One of the claims in the video is, if the giraffe had an intelligent designer, then the nerve would run the shorter route instead of going a long way down and back up again. Therefore it would be a very bad design, if designed.

The only supposed alternative answer is that the whole thing is a process of evolution, as supposedly demonstrated by the animation at the end of the video.


The well known scientific book 'Gray's anatomy' has an answer about why the nerve takes a long route to its destination.

----PLEASE NOTE---- some have suggested quoting Grays anatomy is about the human body, but if you watch the beginning of the video, the issue was initially about the nerve in the human body, then it went on to talk about the giraffe.

"As the recurrent nerve hooks around the subclavian artery or aorta, it gives off several cardiac filaments to the deep part of the cardiac plexus. As it ascends in the neck it gives off branches, more numerous on the left than on the right side, to the mucous membrane and muscular coat of the esophagus; branches to the mucous membrane and muscular fibers of the trachea; and some pharyngeal filaments to the Constrictor pharyngis inferior."

available to read online here: http://www.theodora.com/anatomy/the_vagus_nerve.html

So given the two 'scientific' points of view here, we have to ask which one is correct? If the nerve has been found to have a function in the area it hooks around, then surely this hoax belongs with the hoaxes of past, such as piltdown man which people were fooled about for 40 years.

Perhaps we should follow the gut reaction that was recorded in the same video of the disection of that giraffe:

It is with this reality that I would plead with you to re-examine your worldview, as many people devise excuses for denying the existence of an all powerful Creator of the universe. The day will come when we have to give an account of all our thought life, words and actions to the one who gave us life. please read this article here while listening to your God-given conscience.

Proverbs 14:12
"There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death."


  1. Wow... It feels like you really had to force this "hoax" to make it seem wrong. The possibility of evolution is blunt here. Whilst it's not proof for no creator, it's certainly not proof for a lack of evolution.

    And how is this a hoax in any way shape or form? They dissected a giraffe and found this. It's not like they made it out of clay.

    1. Hi Jack, thanks for your comment. You say that the possibility of evolution is blunt, but that is not what Dawkins says, he is thriving on his reasoning as being evolution, so much so he says that it is not a result of any intelligent designer. However, it is clear that Grey's anatomy contradicts what Dawkins says in the video. So my question here is, which one is true? Point being, Dawkin's is the only one forcing anything here, and that is his worldview into the giraffe.

    2. You're not posing the question, "which one is true?" Your stating outright that the original idea is wrong and that your 'contradiction' concerning Gray's anatomy is right.

      But what you're ignoring is that fact that, yes the nerve branches off in many different ways in different directions, but that is no argument against Evolution and it is also no form of proof for a hoax. It's merely stating that some information was left out and that the nerve has a use.

      You can say a creator designed it this way, I still believe that the creatures nerve evolved in this way over millions of years. Which is why we can see, through many different species the process of the nerve lengthening over the years.

      As for forcing worldview. I was handed a leaflet outright stating that Evolution is wrong and a lie. And you have the nerve to say that other people are forcing worldview?

      Dawkins looked through scientific evidence and stated what he found. There is no forcing view in that.

    3. thank you for your comment

      you said "but that is no argument against Evolution and it is also no form of proof for a hoax. It's merely stating that some information was left out and that the nerve has a use."

      the information was left out? it was more than that, Dawkin's said it has no use and therefore not of intelligent design. What Dawkin should have said was that the nerve has a use. Instead he jumped in with evolution as an answer. This had no place in the video to be honest. That is forcing a worldview where it is so very clearly false to do so.

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