Tuesday, 26 July 2011

More examples of hoaxes (old and new)

(more info coming soon)

Richard Dawkins and that giraffe video
- A conflict between Dawkins and Grey's anatomy

Haekel's Embryo Fraud (around for over 100 years!)
What makes this so bad is that these drawings continued to be used in biology textbooks AFTER they were discovered as fake. See our indepth article here

Lucy - was she a missing link?

Nebraska Man
Turned out to be just a pig tooth, but that did not stop the imagination of the believer going wild:

More examples of more modern hoaxes (more info coming soon)

Remember the fanfare over this 'missing link'? (example articles when this was revealed in the media: The Guardian National Geographic)

So much media coverage and then it all died down. What you did not see was ANY fanfare regarding the great doubts over the validity of the 'missing link'

"Her arrival was announced with unrestrained razzmatazz. She was the "eighth wonder of the world", "our Mona Lisa" and an evolutionary "Rosetta Stone", according to the researchers who unveiled her..... Or maybe not. Writing in the journal, Nature, a team of palaeontologists from New York claim that Ida is not related to humans at all. Instead, they conclude, the $1m fossil looks more like a small lemur or maybe a loris." from The Guardian

Read similar article here: BBC News

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